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New Orleans Presentation

New Orleans… The very name conjures images of the old south and yet it is a unique southern sphere, a spirit unto itself. Marvelous old French and Spanish buildings that are full of treasures and delights, offered on a human scale and arrangement that are perfect for exploring, relaxing and savoring. The bounty of musical styles brought to life and nurtured within her people are an American treasure that have issued from its wellspring of creative soul. It has always been a magnet for the eccentric and colorful. Writers, musicians, artists, pirates, vamps and scoundrels find a sanctuary in her environs. The city is built upon a bedrock of good, hardworking people but a people who know how to enjoy life and community to its fullest, and having a nice portion of tolerance, as well. For an artist the cornucopia of imagery and subject is endless and I plan to paint this fabulous city as long as I can lift a brush.


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