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Tommy G Thompson

My beginning is shrouded in a bit of mystery, but that’s another interesting story. Simply stated I was adopted by a marvelous family at birth in 1948. Growing up, the era was post world war two prosperity in 1950s Texas. It was my good fortune to be in a city with inspiring fine art museums and galleries. Dancing with the creative muse seems to have been my lot very early in life, and that predilection was ‘officially’ detected around age ten. That led to my receiving valuable instruction from Artist/teacher Helen Silvestri both in and out of formal schooling. Later, her demonstration of color paint wash over a pen-line sketch would inspire the development of my noted hybrid watercolor technique. Early adolescents saw my first involvement in showing and sales… in a fun bohemian gallery setting. I had a stint of work as a technical illustrator shortly after high school which was instructive. The ongoing study of fundamental design, life drawing, intaglio printing and painting augmented by dedicated work at home was a boon to early artistic development. So much so, and with a youthful impatiens, I struck off to begin my art career, abandoning college studies.  Four months of starving compelled me to take a job in graphic design. Before that adventure I had gone to the French Quarter of New Orleans and discovered Jackson Square, the perfect setting for a fledgling artist.  Again my heart-felt love of fine art pressed abandoning a well paying job to work in fine art and I joined the art colony of New Orleans. Again there was a stint of hunger,  but with the help of crusty old artist, Captain Bill Christian, I was setup on Jackson Square selling and eating. There were a lot of adventures throughout those years in that unique, crazy old city, but for brevity they await disclosure in another, more appropriate, tome.  Relevant to this posting, the next milestone came with my ‘discovery’ by Mr. Ron Zappe, of Zapps Potato chip fame. Through his egis I met the crazy lady of Royal Street, gallery owner Joan Liberty, which began over twenty-four years of successful partnership. As a gallery artist my time was at liberty to exploring and developing themes, personal style and abilities. After twenty years in New Orleans I have returned to my native Texas and began exploring art of the old west. That theme is rich with characters and scenery and I continue with that inspiration today. But New Orleans is still a source of more art as well. Salty Pirates & other Rogues are playful themes that provide endless fun to explore. Who knows what other spirits and subjects that wily Muse will gift to this artist... stay tuned for further developements.

My art has been shown in number of galleries including New Orleans, New York, Texas, Arazona & Monte Carlo. It has been published in New Orleans Vingette, A' La Carte & Go Magazines, Clarinet Magazing, Book of U. S. Rivers, Marge Hofacres Jazz International, Long Island North Shore... among others. Festival Posters include New Orleans Jazz & Food, Audubon Zoo Swamp, Denton arts & Jazz, Jazz by the Boulevard, San Antonio Jazz, Salado Wildflower. Austin Swamp Romp.

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